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Why Young Living for me? Freedom, support & trustworthy green living!

I had Young Living (YL) cross my path a few times before I gave it a whirl. I honestly thought it was too expensive. Which is a legit mom thought when you have a family & budget.

That "whirl" turned into a whirlwind of wonderful!

We are shaped by our life events & the things we learn (or don't) from them. Some of my top concerns are- source, safety & cost. I don't have money to toss to the wind so I'm careful on what I invest in. I'll spend less with deals on clothes or household items but I won't compromise on health.

I've made a mistake or two... or seven hundred in my years of purchasing ;) Thankfully, with mistakes comes consequential teaching times. My poor kids tasted some pretty nasty tinctures back in the day. All that to say...Young Living is my stopping zone for essential oils. I'M PARKED!

I love everything about their farming techniques. Higher standards than organic certification is an A+ in my book! I've tried other brands & there is no comparison in quality. I have experienced the difference. Seed to Seal was foreign to me pre-YL days but it's a game changer post YL!

I want to provide a safe haven for my people & pet. The less chemical cocktails in our space, the better & Young Living is a way that I can cost effectively do that. I have peace of mind knowing where my products come from & that they're free from harmful ingredients. That's huge!

The cost is nothing compared to the potential cost of not using safe preventatives. Using YL doesn't have to be a bank breaker. There are so many affordable options. Switching out spending money on other things & replacing it with YL is super simple. Citrus oils alone have endless benefits & are cost effective to use. I make so many of my own DIY cleaning & personal care products that it's actually saving us money!

We do what we know & we don't know what we don't know, right?! I know now that farming matters, ingredients matter, distillation matters, purity matters & transparency matters.

I'm free from dragging a wagon full of toxins into my house & saturating us with them. I support our physical & emotional needs with greener products. Learning is forever & each year I learn more and more. I can confidently say it's not as hard as I thought it would be. I'm fearless when it comes to my oils & I've been a steady user since 2012!

I'm not sure if you use Young Living but I would love for you to give it a try. There are so many "why's" for me with continuing to use these products. I hope some of my why's match your why's!



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