Get Oils

Are you ready for some oils? I've got you covered! Let's get you headed in the right direction!!!!

I firmly believe these are the best essential oils ever! The farms, farming techniques, testing, distillation, bottling & every component of each one has me non-wavering in my choice. I wouldn't be parked here since 2012 unless I was seeing results! 


Here is a sign up special link- go check it out. 

It's important to me to have safe products for myself, my family & my friends. I only use & recommend Young Living. These oils have changed my life! 


I'd love for you to try these oils & experience how amazing they are. 

There's two ways to order & be blessed.

Both will require that you set up an account. It will either be Wholesale or Retail. You manage your own ordering & the products are shipped directly to your home. Everything is done online. I'm here to help, guide & sponsor you. You are the account manager! 

The first & my personal favorite is a wholesale membership. Young Living Preferred Customers receive products at a fantastically cheaper price. There are so many perks to this & it really is the best financial option. No one is required to be a business builder to tap into the discounted prices. 

Click the GET OILS button & start filling out the information. Choose "Member" & make sure to write down your username & password. Keep it in a safe place. You'll use it every time you log into your account. When you're finished creating your account, Young Living will email you a member number- write that down too! 

You'll need to pick out a starter kit that best fits your needs. It's a one time kit purchase to give you that boost into transforming your life & home. No kidding....the premium starter kit is the best bang for your buck. I made the mistake of getting the smaller one & I regret it. It's full of so much goodness!!!! I love that it comes with a diffuser. I have MANY in my house ;) 

You'll have the option to enroll in a monthly Essential Rewards program. You can even sign up with the Premium Starter Kit counting as your first Essential Rewards order. You earn points for products with your purchases. I do this & I can't begin to tell you how great it is. There's no extra fees & you can drop out at any time & enroll back again when you miss it ;) Young Living has everything explained really well. When you're creating your account, just make sure to read slowly & pick the right options for you. Like I said, you can enroll in it anytime.

To keep your wholesale membership active you'll need to purchase 50 PV in products per year. THAT'S IT!!!! I'm telling you, it's the best :) PV means product value. You'll see all the products marked with their PV amount. 

The second option is a retail customer. You'll pay full retail price with this type of account. Click on the sign up button & choose Retail Customer. Follow the directions, fill out all the information, add the products you want, do the payment section & finish when prompted. I can't see any of your private information. That's all kept confidential & secure by Young Living!

After you see how great these products are, you can always switch from retail to wholesale! 

There you have it! That's how you order yourself some oils!