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Are you ready for some amazing products? I've got you covered! Let's get you headed in the right direction!!!!

I firmly believe these are the best essential oils ever! The farms, farming techniques, testing, distillation, bottling & every component of each one has me non-wavering in my choice. I wouldn't be parked here since 2012 unless I was seeing results! 


Here is a getting started special link- go check it out. 

It's important to me to have safe products for myself, my family & my friends. I only use & recommend Young Living. These oils have changed my life! 


I'd love for you to try all the products, especially the oils & experience how amazing they are. 

Ordering has never been easier! 

You manage your own ordering & the products are shipped directly to your home. Everything is done online. I'm here to help, guide & sponsor you. You are the account manager!

As a customer order with retail or wholesale pricing.


Everyone can unlock 24 percent and get the best price available. Young Living customers receive products at a fantastically cheaper price this way. No one is required to sell or be a brand partner to tap into the discounted prices, so let's just toss strings attached right out the window! 

All you need to do to unlock the discounted price is order 100 PV or greater of whatever products you'd like and you'll receive 12 months of discounted pricing. Make sure to order that same amount before your 12 months is up and the discount will keep rolling. Yay!

 THAT'S IT!!!! I'm telling you, it's the best :)


What's PV? PV means product value. You'll see all the products marked with their PV amount. 

Click SHOP and start customizing your cart with products of your choice. There are some starter bundles if you like that option, but it's just option. Not a requirement.

Personally, I love bundles. Especially ones that come with a diffuser. I have TONS of diffusers in my home. They are the best for making the house smell great, cleaning the air without harmful ingredients, and calming my emotions. 



Customers ordering with Subscribe to Save 24%. This is how I place my monthly order! I use so many products daily that it makes the best financial sense for me to earn reward points for the purchases I'd be making anyway.

With this option you set up an account and have the opportunity to earn loyalty points to cash in for free products of your choice and you have access to select monthly gifts with a purchase. You also have the ease of placing a frequently used product on a subscription. You pick the type of subscription and perks you like. Click SHOP, pick your product and choose "add to subscription". 

You can read all about this bonus ordering option here

Two things about this-


1. You can choose the frequency to receive each specific item- every one, two or three months


2.  You can change your subscription products. This is helpful if you don't want repeat items. You can change them every month. Make sure to add the new products to your subscription first then delete the ones you don't want. Otherwise the website thinks you've canceled. And we don't want that! 

After you see how great these products are, you can always become a brand partner! That's what I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. When products change your life it's so important to share that passion.


There are  three ways to check out:

1. As a guest

2. Create an account 

3. Create an account with a subscription 

I have accounts with amazon, my phone provider, my internet, kohls, target, walmart, vitacost, health sites, book name it. It's the same idea. You create an account with a username and password.


Having an account makes checking out easier because all your billing and shipping info is saved.  

When you're checking out click whichever option you'd like. Follow the steps. I'd be so blessed if you'd use my referral link when you order ❤


If you do create an account make sure to write down your username & password. Keep it in a safe place. You'll use it every time you log into your account. When you're finished creating your account, Young Living will email you a member number- write that down too! 

There you have it! That's how you order yourself some oils! 



How To Finish The Ordering Process

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