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A few tricks of the trade

Have you ever wondered 'why oilers do what they do' & 'exactly what is an oiler anyway'????

I tend to forget that terms I use & things I do can baffle people.

I'd like to share a few tricks of the trade with you! 

First, I'll share what an 'oiler' is.

All that means is a person who regularly uses essential oils on a daily basis. We reach for our oils often & for just about everything. 

Secondly, I'll share some application help.

Day 2 of our 30 Day Emotion Support Challenge chart talks about applying oils to the feet, ear rims & wrists. 


  • Think of them are the easiest & quickest highway into the body. Vitaflex charts on both the feet & hand are a great visual for this. 

  • Our feet also have very large pores so absorption is quick! They aren't a sensitive area of our body (aside from being ticklish of course) so this makes them an ideal topical location. 

  • Normally, 2-3 drops on the feet are an average. Everything depends on age & need. 


I learned about auricular emotional points on the ear at a class, thought is was pretty out there & ignored it.

Fast forward to a trusted sister in Christ sharing with me at a health conference that I needed to give it a try. I was in a heavy grief season. I did & it ended up being a great spot to apply emotion supporting oils. I still use that spot today :) 

I like to think of it as being similar to acupuncture points...without the needle ;) 

  • Anyway, you can make a roller bottle with the emotion oils you're using & your favorite carrier oil. You can roll it on your outer ear rims. The typical roller bottle recipe is 30 drops essential oil & the remaining carrier oil. 

  • You can also take a drop & massage it directly onto your ear rim. Massaging them behind the ear works too. 

  • NEVER place a drop of essential oil inside your ear canal. That tissue in there is just too delicate for those powerful concentrated oils. 


  • This is a pulse point area. It's also a super easy application area :)

  • Place a drop (or desired amount) of essential oil on your wrists & rub them together. You can bring your wrists up to your nose & inhale deeply throughout the day...very relaxing! 



  • This is a hormone balancing location. Applying oils there can help support hormones which are linked pretty tightly with emotions ;) 

  • Take a drop or two of essential oil & massage it around your ankle. Easy enough! 


Massage a drop or two into the back of your neck. It smells amazing & is very relaxing! Do we need any other reason than that?! 

Yes, there are more scientific reasoning's behind all of the above. I think we over-complicate things a lot of times. That can cause many to not use their oils. Better to enjoy the aroma & calming effect then to leave those gems sitting unopened. 

There you have it! You're in the know now ;) 



>> I'd like to share this quick disclaimer--if you're using lotions that have synthetic fragrance, body product that are full of extra toxic ingredients, over the counter sunscreen, non-mineral make-up, etc. then please don't apply essential oils on top of that. If you'd like to know why, I'd be happy to share with you. Just send me a message. 

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