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50 is here!

This week marks a big milestone, so they say. (who are "they" anyway? I grew up with so many goofy sayings) I'm racing toward 50! This Thursday is when I'm officially 1/2 way to 100 ;)

Time has no speed. It's just plain quick. I'd like to share some things with you if it's OK :)

Wellness is not a bad, unachievable word. Neither is non-toxic choices or healthy lifestyle.

We're usually the ones that make it harder than it is & confusing.

I think we place those words way up on a shelf & say "someday". It's a nice idea & desire, but we tend to leave it tucked out of reach. I don't know why. Maybe part of it is that it's what we know.

I have files (written by the way & magazine clippings :) ) of great suggestions & ideas that I may never get to. Can I be honest with you? There is no perfect way. There's only a perfect Savior.

What we can do is have wellness tools, incorporate better options & make doable changes. All we need in the radical department is radical faith! The rest...we just need to go at a steady pace forward :)

Everyone goes at different speeds, has different body systems, and has unique weakened areas. You can't measure yourself against the person next to you.

Young Living is one company where I'm able to get most of my wellness tools from. I like that. It's a one stop shop for me ;) I trust the products, have experienced years of great results & still have a passion for everything inside my boxes when they come.

Please don't wait until "later" to help ease the burdens on your body. Once, 50 seemed so far away to, it's in mere days.

I want to share 5 things with you-

1) Thieves is the only cleaner you need. It's so stinkin' economical & it's a major germ buster. The toothpaste, mouthwash. hand purifier...all of it. There's no harmful residue left on your surfaces. It's one of the best ways to create a healthy zone!

2) Be careful with your supplements & synthetics. Know your ingredients. Choose quality products. Our bodies need supplementing. There's just no way around it thanks to all our environmental hazards. (mind you...there's no cure all product. It's about supporting weaker areas so we can function better. Fill in some gaps)

3) NingXia Red is a YES, YES, YES for every day of your life. Starting young & going all the way through old ;) We lack energy because of our lifestyles. We need extras & NingXia Red is a pretty sweet extra!

4) Personal care products need to be chosen carefully. The market is full of cheap yuck with a laundry list of harmful ingredients. We often ignore the warning on personal care items, but doing that comes at a cost :(

5) Don't forget hormone support. Again...young to old. It's a must in today's day & age. Our hormones take a big hit. I can't change the mass market of how things are produced. All I can do is choose better options. That's what I do with Young Living.

Essential Oils are a bonus. I use tons of them, but not everyone does & that's OK. What you can't skimp out on is 1-5. If you're like me & love oils...high five!

Maybe 50 seems old to you. Maybe it seems young. Maybe you're right in the middle.

Today is what you have. Today.

For my birthday, I'm offering my Young Living family a special now-June 30, 2019.

I'm also offering a birthday special for anyone that's ready to hop into my group & get going with 1-5 :)

I hope this was all helpful to you. I'm always here if you need any tips! Young Living came into my life during a very rough season. It's an honor to offer help back to others :)

I'm grateful for 50 years of learning. I'm humbled by the years I've been gifted with calling Jesus my Lord! It's been a life changing time.

Happy Birthday to you on your special day!

Forever in His grace,


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