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Hydro what?! 

I'm not gonna lie. This word & what it means was completely under my radar. 

Until Young Living came out with a new supplement called Olive Essentials.  

What first caught my eye was Mediterranean diet. I do know that Mediterranean eating is a good thing so I decided to take a closer look at this supplement. After all, I do love olives!!!!

Of course, after learning more about it, it's sitting right next to me ;) 


Lindsey Elmore does a great job at explaining all the science surrounding supplements. She wrote a helpful article on the health benefits of hydroxytyrosol. Crazy interesting! 

Internal cleansing- yep...super helpful. 

Antioxidants- you bet.

Heart support- always!

Anti-inflammatory properties- this body of mine will never turn that down.

Immune support- a constant need in today's world.

Supporting healthy cholesterol- absolutely. 

I'm definitely not getting an younger. Supplementing is just part of my life. If you're like me & need all the extra help you can get with wellness, then check into this new gem.

Was this word new to you too? It's a long one, but it's a good one! I may never use it in a sentence anytime soon, but I will be taking it daily :) Feel free to join me!

Thanks for reading-


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