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Why I Use Young Living

Why Young Living for me & my family? Goodness, grab a chair & let's chat for awhile. I could spend days telling you my why ;)

Right outta the gate I should tell you that I don't follow fads. I'm not into the latest & greatest. I don't even pay attention or have a clue about what's in & what's not. To me that's a sure fire way to be a unsettled hopper. Hopping from one thing to the next. There's no peace in that & it can be dangerous.

I've been thinking a lot about sharing on this lately because unfortunately essential oils have become a fad :/ There are companies popping up all over the place. When I first started there was a handful & now there's more than I care to count. So what's going on?!

I'm not going to get into any of the other brands. I will tell you that I wasn't always Young Living only. I have used other oils. What I can say hands down is THERE IS a difference. I thought all I needed was 100% & toss in organic for a perk. Boy, was I wrong. When I tried Young Living I was shocked. This was a whole new ball game.

I, Tracy DuBaere, me, I was the eye roller. I was the one that thought I knew more & all those weird Young Living people had it wrong. My oils were just as good as theirs & cheaper so ha! I can't even tell you all the thoughts I had about "those people". I owe all those people apologies.

I took such care in choosing organic, healthy food, non-toxic products for my home & body. I even bought organic socks for pete's sake! I was in the food co-ops & using homeopathic I was careful. Then I discovered essential oils. Ok, research...fair amount (I'm just being honest) & I went with 100% plus organic if the brand had it. I also went by price. If it was available from my health food store & online vitamin shop then I trusted it. Ugh :(

I got ok results but not by any means a wow factor. Then I started using Young Living & in came the wow factor. My start with trying Young Living is a whole story in itself. It's surrounded by a tragic fatal accident my twins were in & losing my son Jacob. Maybe I will share that with you sometime. The point is this...when you lose a child, you take a serious look at everything you can possibly do to keep the other ones healthy. I started taking a look at the oils I had been using & Young Living to see what I could find out.

This is when I did the deep research that I should have done from the start, before ever touching an essential oil. I was mad, alarmed & down right disgusted at what I found out. My 100% meant about nothing. I assumed there was farms this plant material came from, right?! I mean it's a given. Another Ugh :(

I had to get past the lies online, the competitors, the money trial, the quack watch (by the way.....if I see someone listed on quack watch I pretty much want to hear what they teach cuz they are usually the good guys trying to do it natural instead of synthetic & holding hands with deep pocket industries)

I grew up & live in the country, on a farm & have done plenty of gardening. I get how it works. Dead depleted soil, different soil types, different climate needs, organic methods, crops varieties have different needs, plant material need to be picked at different times of the day depending on the type, peak harvest, dew needs to sit on some plants, water needed, synthetic toxic methods, etc. It's very complex & that's why there are botanists who study & specialize in this area.

The more I wrapped my head around oils coming from real plant material the more it all started clicking. THERE NEEDED TO BE FARMS & not just any farm. Different climates & different soil types. Growing with no pesticides & getting strong healthy plants to gather the seeds from. Using plant material for compost & those juices as fertilizer. Using essential oils for pest control.

This doesn't even cover the distilling & all the details with that. That's crazy important too. Some plant material has to be distilled ASAP & others need to wait. It all depends on the plant species. The goal is to keep all the good stuff in the oil & to not heat it away.

My why? Seed to Seal! I love & trust the way they farm. I love & trust every aspect of the seed all the way to the seal on the bottle. IT DOES MATTER! For the safety of my family, you better believe it matters.

Let me tell you, I was not searching for a MLM. Quite honestly, I barely knew what that was. So in that, yes...I am aware there are pyramid schemes & those are rather illegal. MLM...yes, there's good compensation plans out there & some pretty cruddy ones. YL has a really good one. Is that why I picked them-NO! I would share with everyone who would listen anyway because of the RESULTS & QUALITY :)

God created everything we needed. There was no pharmacy on every corner back in the day. I trust God's way better than mans' way. There are no side effects, over doses, recalls & lawsuits with what the Lord provides. I can't say that with the other.

Why? Because I want quality, safe essential oils from real farms, from people who specialize in this area & have for years. Young Living essential oils are one of the best health & wellness tools I have! That, my friends, is a little bit of my why ;)









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