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P & F Syndrome

Have you ever struggled with P & F syndrome? I sure have!

Procrastination & Fear...roadblocks to a wellness lifestyle, for sure.

I think it's fair to say that most of us are aware of some things that we should be working on.

We may even know some areas in our life that need major support.

Deficiencies start out as puddles that seem manageable..

..and quickly turn into deep, overwhelming vast lakes.

Those lakes have boats of procrastination floating around. Often times we tend to bank on tomorrow. We know that something in our body needs help & we'll get to it...tomorrow.

I can honestly say...tomorrow rarely comes. We either end up in a crisis situation where we have to deal with it and many other symptoms that arose from putting it off, or we settle for feeling sick & endure the new quality of life.

There will always be reasons to not start boosting our body systems. Busyness, time, money, others need things first, fear, uncertainty on where to start...the list is endless.

The puddle that could have been refueled with a few products and daily maintenance turns into months of many products and layers of repair. This is usually where fear rises. When we're overwhelmed, we're usually stuck in park or neutral.

It takes one first step. One action to get moving away from P & F.

Don't let fear freeze you.

If you're in deep water then stop & start. Contact me & we can brainstorm ways to get you back on shore.



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