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Omega WHAT?

Jordan is off in Zambia being the hands & feet of Jesus so I will be blogging today.

Omega’s are mentioned often in health websites, posts, articles, etc. There is much more to it than just the word. Did you know there are different types of omega’s? I’m still sorting it all out myself.

Omega-6…are workers that help keep the blood thin, balance elevated blood pressure, improve nerve and immune system function, relax blood vessels and aid in blood sugar balance. That all sounds pretty important to me.

Omega-3…are just as vital as they protect the heart, nourish the brain, skin, nails, hair and support the immune system.

There is a balance that we need with the omega’s. Just like anything else in life…BALANCE is key! Go back to the years before packaged foods and drive thru’s. The normal ratio for a person in the two omega’s was 1:1. Today, thanks to the SAD, literally its pretty sad, (Standard American Diet) that people now consume the normal average ratio is 1:15. YIKES!!!!

Omega-6 is way out of balance & is tipping the poor omega scale. Fast food addictions, packaged foods: boxed, canned & frozen, commercially raised meat and all the other tragic names we give to “food” are all responsible for the omega mess. Toss in some yummy chips, fried foods, eating out, crackers, packaged cookies and on & on the list goes. How is it that when someone mentions packaged foods we easily forget about chips, cookies & crackers? The problem is we are getting the bad version of Omega-6.

What happens with this excess of poor Omega-6 in our systems? Risk of heart disease and the body’s inflammatory process goes CrAzY. When the 6 is higher than the 3 then all kinds of chaos goes on inside. Toxins get stirred up, brain diseases have a field day & mental fog along with “I can’t move well” all take residence inside your body. Does the food really taste that good?

Our food supply is so poor now, thanks to stripping the soil of nutrients and using synthetic everything, that you will be hard pressed to be able to just eat healthy to balance the Omega’s out. That’s a great place to start. Think about including a Omega supplement into your daily routine as well.

I hope you have learned a little more about the balancing act of Omega’s. I wonder what Jordan’s eating in Africa???

Blessings, Tracy

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