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Challenge Yourself

This will be one of my shorter posts but I hope you take as much away from this as you would anything else. As I write these blog posts, I can't help but be convicted of my own dietary and wellness choices. It's easy to write about these topics but to actually have the will power to accomplish what you know you should do is another thing entirely.

Recently, I talked about gluten intolerance and the way that gluten affects our body. I haven't gotten to it yet, but I will be talking about refined sugars. If you know anything about me, you know that gluten and refined sugars are my two favorite things. I know personally I need a change, so the change I've decided on is giving up gluten and pop for one month. I'm two days in and already struggling. I work at a grocery store, so it's so hard to pass all the wonderful items in our bakery and instead go to the produce aisle when I need something to snack on during my break. This will be a challenge but I know that each day I go without gluten, I've given my body another day to recover.

If you have not challenged yourself lately, I personally encourage you to do so. Maybe it's gluten or pop like me, or maybe it's something more specific. Maybe it's non-food related and you want to exercise more or spend less time in front of a screen. Whatever your goal is, make it attainable. There's nothing better than feeling the satisfaction of a job well done and there's nothing worse than failing to meet an expectation. I think one month is a great place to start, at least for me. It's an attainable goal to reach but it also stretches me, it's not too easy. It also goes past the two week mark necessary for breaking a bad habit. Whatever your goal may end up being, do so for the betterment of your body as a living sacrifice to the Lord.


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