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Carrier Oils and Butter 101

If you’re using essential oils to beautify yourself ;) & making DIY beauty products, then you’ll need to be familiar with carrier oils & butters!

What is a carrier oil?

It’s a liquid oil that carries, spreads, & evenly distributes other ingredients into the skin. 

What is a butter?  

It’s a solid oil with moisturizing ingredients that pamper & nourish the skin. 

Both have many skin benefits!

These are two quick & easy explanations of what they are. There’s tons of detailed information available out there so please check into them on your own ☺  Remember, they’re also helpful for diluting essential oils!

You can combine carrier oils & butters together in DIY recipes with your favorite essential oils. You can also use them completely by themselves if you want. You know your skin & what it needs better than anyone else.

When I look for ingredients for my DIY recipes, it’s important that they nourish the skin & don’t clog pores. I know there are many types on the market but I lean toward certain ones. 

Organic, cold pressed, raw & unrefined are all key to me. Raw & unrefined basically mean the same thing. Unrefined is usually the liquids & raw is the butters.

It’s important to note that chemicals are used to refine things so that’s one of the reasons I steer clear. Cold pressed & unrefined means all the good beneficial properties are still there. I have learned a few things all these years about choosing a more natural & pure lifestyle;

~Don’t skimp on the product & know your source

~Quality = pay a bit more

~Cheap = synthetics & not worth it 

My Top 6 Organic, Cold Pressed & Unrefined Carrier Oils

(All organic, cold pressed & unrefined)

Coconut Oil

-Good for all skin types


-Full of fatty acids, protein, and vitamin E

-Has antioxidant properties

-Promotes cellular health and rejuvenates and strengthens skin

Some find it helpful to mix this oil with a carrier oil to help with absorption.

Jojoba Oil

-Excellent for all skin types

-Absorbs well and does not clog pores

-Conditioning and non-greasy

-High in proteins, minerals, vitamin E

-Has antioxidant properties

-Nourishes hair follicles allowing oxygen in

Avocado Oil

-Thicker oil for damaged, dry, wrinkled skin

-Promotes collagen production and nourishes and deeply moisturizes

-Has essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin A, D, and E

-High in proteins, minerals, vitamin E

-Has antioxidant properties

It's better to use a small amount with another carrier oil for better absorption as well as using it before bed.

Argan Oil

-Good for all skin types

-Absorbs well and does not clog pores

-Light, absorbs well, and deeply hydrates

-Full in nutrients, fatty acids, and vitamin E

-Has antioxidant properties

-Balances skin and is good for wrinkles

-Very concentrated so a little bit goes a long

Rosehip Seed Oil

-Delicate oil that needs to be refrigerated

-Great for dry, dehydrated, scarred, or aging/wrinkled skin

-High in essential fatty acids

-Soaks in easy but its helpful to use a carrier oil

Use with care if your skin runs on the oily side.

Apricot Kernel Oil

-Good for sensitive, mature, and dry skin

-Calming, softening, and moisturizing

-Absorbs easily

-Rich in healthy fats and vitamin E and A

My Top 3 Organic, Raw Cold Pressed Butters 

(All organic, cold pressed & raw)

*Butters need another liquid carrier oil to absorb. Melt them on low heat & remove immediately. You can place them in the refrigerator until they just start to form & then whip with a mixer. This will make them light & fluffy.

For me, butters need a little Beeswax! Beeswax is in its own category all together. 

Organic Beeswax

-Protects skin while allowing it to breathe

-Helps all lotions and lip balms absorb

-Moisturizes, softens and provides a protective barrier

-Hydrates, calms, and soothes skin

-Contains Vitamin A, supports cells, improves and conditions skin texture, and doesn’t clog pores 

Shea Butter

-Good for dry, rough, and aging skin

-Deeply moisturizing and restores cells

-High in essential fatty acids, Vitamin A and E, healthy omegas, minerals, and natural antioxidants

Mango Butter

-Good for wrinkled, damaged, and dry skin

-Repairing, nourishing, and moisturizing without being greasy

-Contains essential fatty acids and Vitamin A and C

-Encourages collagen production

Cocoa Butter

-Moisturizing, rich, and creamy texture that leaves a protective barrier on the skin

-Contains antioxidants, Vitamin e, and minerals

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