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I wanted to share a great study that I recently did about social media. It's called #BeWorthFollowing & you can find it at Bible.com or the YouVersion App. It was very convicting, gave wonderful insight & direction.

Social media can be a very helpful way to influence others. The goal is to be different & stand out without compromising your purpose, talents & time. Our lives are to bring Him glory on & off social media.

Reading Galatians 6 can help put us in the right mindset about moving forward in our unique God willed path.

Comparison & envy will diminish the reach & potential influence we have on social media. I watch others struggle with this all the time. We're never supposed to try & be opposite of how God created us. Our talents are for Him. The world would be crazy boring if we all had the exact same gifts.

I think it's important to do well with what He's given. If our eyes are on others, then it will affect what we portray on social media & even how much time we spend there.

Here are a few tips from that study that helped me...

1) Internally search how God uniquely created you.

2) Commit & ask yourself how to do the work God has given you right now in this very season with the talents, gifts & skills He's provided.

3) Sink yourself in the here, now & where God has you.

4) Don't be impressed with yourself. God brought you here, not yourself. Love others, serve others & bring glory to God.

5) Don't try to be like someone else. Follow the unique path He has given you.

6) Embrace & express gratitude.

#BeWorthFollowing means having glorifying content. It's never about pointing to ourselves. It's always about pointing to Him!

In Christ,


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