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30 days of balancing


A group of us started a 30 day emotion support challenge today. The goal is to balance out our emotions first, so a steadier foundation can be laid for targeting specific emotions that need supporting.

It's easy to become led by our feelings if our emotions get off balance.

Many factors can contribute to an off balance state. Every situation & person are different.

Today's challenge is orange oil in the diffuser & massaged onto the bottom of our feet. Citrus oils are amazing for emotional support. They smell pretty good too!

ESSENTIAL OIL TIP- don't apply essential oils over make-up or synthetic lotions.

(I only use Young Living essential oils, so anytime I refer to an oil it's always farm raised, seed to seal ones)

Many physical ailments can set in from emotions being off BaLaNcE. There might even be times when we don't realize our emotions are off kilter. I say, it can't hurt to spend 30 days balancing.

Our bodies are so intricately designed by the Creator. Everything is connected!

For me, nothing can be separated from God's Word...including emotions. That's why His Word, prayer, worship, gratitude, forgiveness, and quiet time with the Lord are part of the 30 days.

I'd be happy to send you a challenge chart if you'd like one!

In His grace,


* Times of tragedy & extreme hardship are unique. That's not at all in the category as being feeling led. That's a time of lamenting. I have been through a season like this & would be glad to talk with you.

Grieve. Cling tight to the Savior & lament.

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