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Toxins Hiding in Your Home


Electric & magnetic fields, EMF’s, are basically what we know as radiation. Too many artificial EMF’s can cause physical, emotional & mental stress. So where do these EMF's come from?

Our homes are full: electric blankets, cordless phones, cell phones, microwaves, power cords, alarm clocks, dimmer switches, WiFi, computers, IPad, IPods, fluorescent & halogen bulbs, Bluetooth, hairdryers, electric toothbrush & so much more.

Most of us use laptops & cell phones regularly all day every day.

Our bodies already have an electromagnetic field & EMF’s can disrupt the way they are meant to function. There are EMF protective shields on the market. The Defender Pad & Eradicator are two good ones to check into.



I’m ready to go to a lantern if they don’t stop messing with lightbulbs! Ugh…I wish I had something positive to say. Full spectrum light is the healthiest but has been given the boot! The new choices for lightening are not such healthy options. I’m hoping they re-evaluate lightbulbs soon. 

The curly kind (CFL) have mercury in them & if you accidentally break one, you’re supposed to clear the area. That’s not always easy inside a home.

They aren’t supposed to be tossed in the garbage either. They’re supposed to be recycled. How many people even know that?!

So what are the choices currently? 

Compact fluorescent bulbs, CFL’s, have mercury, give off unhealthy levels of UV radiation & carcinogens.

Halogen bulbs are dangerously strong which can hurt the eyes, run hot & can ignite in certain situations.

LED’s, light emitting diode, contain lead, arsenic & other harmful substances.

Flashlight anyone?! 

Here are a couple of articles explaining more about lighbulbs: 



I stopping using regular non-stick cook & bakeware a long time ago. There are some newer kinds on the market with less chemicals in it that are labeled PFOA free.  I don’t use aluminum either. The less chemicals, the better & this is any easy way to ditch some toxins.

I use stainless steel mostly. I like cast iron in the oven. I would use it more if I was more disciplined at keeping it seasoned.  I bake in glass, ceramic, Corningware & coated cast iron. I do have some granite too. There are lots of healthier choices!

The Wellness Mama has a neat little article on cookware if you want to check it out 

While I’m mentioning cookware…little healthy home side note – avoid Styrofoam if you can. Never eat or drink hot things using Styrofoam. It’s made from polystyrene & the heat will cause the chemicals benzene & styrene to leach into your hot food & drink. These chemicals have some serious health risks.



There is no microwave in my home. I used to have one but not anymore. We have a toaster oven & a good ole' stove to warm up food with. 

Microwaves destroy all the nutrients in food anyway so there is no health benefit to using one. I'm not going to say much about them except that I'm glad we no longer have one. This is one of those topics that people need to do their own research on.

If you do have one then never stand in front of it while its running, don't warm up baby formula in it, don't heat foods in plastic or Styrofoam containers & please one day very soon look into why microwaves are unhealthy!



Plastics?! I’m not a fan. I like glass! There are lots of lidded glass storage containers to pick from & they are very affordable. All different shapes & sizes to pick from. I drink from glass too! If you don’t have a glass water bottle, then a mason jar works well.

If you must use plastic then for sure avoid #3, 6 & 7.

Try to use BPA free plastics but that isn’t always a safeguard either. Stacey Kimbrell has quite a bit of info on plastics in her book, Living Balanced & a quick informative page on her website



Drinking bottled water from plastic on a daily basis is not the healthiest choice. There are glass & stainless steel drinking bottles. An extra perk is you can add in essential oils. Never add them to plastic! They will start breaking down the chemicals in the plastic which will release into your water.

Unfortunately in this day & age, it’s hard to find clean water. It’s no secret that water is contaminated with too many toxins to count. Water filters are a must for every home.  Chlorinated & water with fluoride is a thumbs down for me. 

I used to think reverse osmosis was the best way but it strips all the good minerals from the water. I currently use a carbon filter. I say, “why do extra research if it’s already been done”! Here a couple of articles on filters that might help: 

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