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Air Purity and How it Effects You

We all want our homes to be a safe place, right?! A healthy home starts with one decision at a time!

There are many components to having a healthy home. Author, Stacey Kimbrell, of Living Balanced has committed herself to educating herself & others on dangerous chemicals. Her website is I highly recommend her book. It will change your life! 

Stacey has helpful printable sheets on her website. There's a chemical cheat sheet, harmful chemicals found in the home, a guide on plastics & more!

Air purity is a biggy! I'm so grateful there are so many choices. I'm all for killing germs & cleaning the air. My favorites are essential oil diffusers & Pink Himalayan Salt lamps. I stay away from synthetic fragrances including air fresheners, plug ins & candles. 

Essential Oil Diffusers -  A few of the great things they do are; clean the air naturally, destroy germs & support emotions. 

Young Living has some great diffusers! Most people forget to read the little instructional guide that comes with each diffuser. It tells you what kind of water to use, the proper care & usage tips. Here's some quick water info for you:

Desert Mist Diffuser = Distilled water

Lantern Diffuser = Tap, Spring or Distilled water 

Dew Drop Diffuser = Tap or Spring water 

Rainstone Diffuser = Tap or Spring water

Aria Diffuser = Tap or Spring water 

Orb Diffuser = Tap water 

Kids Dino Land & Dolphin Reef Diffusers = distilled preferred, but YL said Tap & Spring water can also be used in this one as well


AromaLux, USB, Travel Fan & TheraPro Diffusers use no water. They are straight essential oil diffusers. 

(Also, Young Living said spring water & mineral water are the same thing.)

You can also find other essential oil diffusers on amazon,

Pinterest is full of diffuser recipes to try. I like to take my favorite essential oils & use them individually or add a few together. There are essential oil blends that are already perfect for use & no recipe is needed!

It really depends on the type of smells you like. I diffuse a lot of Purification, Thieves, Christmas Spirit, Citrus Fresh, Grounding, Lemon, Lavender & Stress Away. The best part is that if I have a specific need then I can support it with adding in oils that will be best for that.

I would only add a few singles together in my diffuser & I don't mix blends. I'm a 6 drop minimum diffuser gal. I normally use a total of 10-13 drops. It all depends on the room size & oils. I think my favorite recipe that I have tried is called Country Cabin.

Here are a few diffuser ideas. There really are so many options that there's no way I could list them all. You decide how much of each works for your home.

Pink Himalayan Salt lamps also clean the air, promote relaxation & put negative ions back into the air. To absorb EMF's place them wherever you work on computers or have high electric and magnetic field areas.

They do need a bit of maintenance. I have mine sitting in an old glass pie plate because the salt does weep off of it when its humid. You are supposed to wipe it with a damp cloth & cover it with a plastic bag in humid weather if you won't be running it. This type of lamp is not meant to sit for long periods of time unused. 

There are many options available on amazon.

I can't just mention that I don't use candles & air fresheners without giving you a little of the why.

I use to burn regular candles & choose by smell...I know, I know. I had no idea what was used to create that "fragrance". When I discovered that paraffin & lead wicks were dangerous, I switched to soy candles with cotton wicks & I parked there for awhile. You see, I still was not thinking about what created the smell.

Eventually I learned what a synthetic fragrance is & boy is it in way too many products. I was a little shocked to find out that it can have up to 4,000 different harmful chemicals in it. Needless to say, it was 'so long' scented anything in my home. 

Air fresheners are no better. They need a new name. There's no freshness in the's a toxic cloud of danger! Plus, they only mask the odor...blah :/ . They even have warnings on them to not use in an enclosed area. Well, I'm pretty sure a bathroom is enclosed. The damage that they can do to your lungs & brain are just the beginning of their harmful effects. Sprays & plug ins are one in the same. No thanks!

Healthier options? Of course, I already mentioned  essential oil diffusers & salt lamps. If you still want the flickering glow of a candle then try battery operated flameless ones. Unscented 100 % beeswax with cotton wicks are a safer option too. 

I have a DIY air freshener recipe that I use. It's safe, healthy, kills germs & you can create your own aromas by adding your favorite essential oils smells. I don't want to cover up odors...I want to destroy them!

DIY Air Freshener Spray


  • 2 oz distilled water

  • Distilled Water

  • 1 tsp Witch Hazel

  • 15-20 drops of your favorite Essentail Oil (I like Purifcation)


Place essential oils and witch hazel in the spray bottle. Fill remaining bottle space with distilled water to fill it up just below the neck line. Screw on top and shake well. Shake before use.


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