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Healthy Emotions

Emotions- I could go on for days about emotions!

Emotions are a big one for me. This is an area that I constantly support. I am thankful I serve a God who knows all the emotions there are, understands them, walks alongside His children as they experience them & created things to support them.

I know I do my best when I lay all my emotions at His feet. The times that I do things in my own understanding & try to hold onto them is the hardest for me. Feeling them & releasing them to Christ is always my goal. I have to work at it all the time. Feel Release Trust

Each of us has unique experiences & there's no one right way to support emotions. The biggest challenge is to not let our emotions dictate our actions. There are times when they can come out of nowhere. Pausing, taking a few deep breaths & processing what's happening is a great starting point.

Our emotional health is a huge contributor to our physical health. Our emotions can be a window inside of us. My goal is to offer hope in emotional health. I don't think we will ever stop needing extra support in this area. Support, support, support!!!!

Here are some ideas on different ways to support healthy emotions

Spend time in prayer daily. Pray each moment that you need to! Spend time with the Lord, studying scripture.

Talk to a trusted friend. I've found that the " fix you" friends or the ones that tell you how/how not to feel are not very helpful. I look to someone who loves the Lord, will hold a confidence, listens & is wise with their words. Proverbs is full of great advice on spending time with wise people.

If you don't have a friend like that, then you can pray one up. Ask God. Philippians 4:6-7 Remember, you are never alone. Jesus is always by your side.

Run a diffuser in the room you are in & next to you when you sleep! There are lots of singles & blends that support a healthy emotional system.

Diffuser necklaces & bracelets are also super easy to use. You can even make your own! There are lots of DIY directions. I have some on the Roots of Healing Pinterest page.

Carrying bottles of essential oils that support healthy emotions with you & smelling them as needed is also nice.

Read books from solid biblical authors.

Pray for a Titus 2 mentor.

There are emotional release techniques available. I've seen some in reference guides & online. I'll bet there could even be online videos.

Do some research on any nutritional support that could build up a healthy emotional system.

There's nothing wrong with seeking out professional help. I've done it many times! Reach out to your Pastor or a Christian counselor. I had a couple of really bad counselors & I never stayed with them long. You don't know what someone is like until you talk with them. I've also had a couple of great ones. The ones who were giving biblical advice were spot on for me. I had to search until I found the right fit & that's OK! Getting help is the important part.

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