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Meet Tracy

Roots of Healing was founded from family effort. My mission is to aim for a healthy lifestyle in all key areas: spiritually, emotionally & physically. I hope I'm able to share with you in a way that glorifies and honors the Lord.

One step at a time, one change at a time, one decision at a time! I believe God has given us the tools we need for balanced health & wellness. I'm by no means a medical professional. I'm a mom & grandma that wants the best for her family.

You can learn a little more about me at my personal blog, My Hope,

About Essential Oils

Essential oils have helped so many things for me. I use them to support emotions, skin, body systems, aches & pains, sleep, immunity, and even to keep my house clean! They are the best multi purpose plant based product I've ever used!

About Young Living

My Hope 


Check out my personal blog here and my health blog here :)

Bible Text

Check out my power oil of the month here!

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