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Lavender is the most versatile, do all, basic, adaptable, calming & relaxing essential oil! When you have no clue what to do- reach for lavender ☺


The DIY recipes using lavender are endless. Check out Pinterest & the web to see exactly what I’m talking about.


Pamper your dry skin with some moisturizing lotion bars! Add Lavender as your oil of choice ☺

There’s nothing better than soaking in a tub after a long, hard day.

Foot Massage

To help relax, massage 1-2 drops of lavender onto the feet at the end of the day. Hit all the pressure points for even more support.  


Boost the immune system & promote relaxation by massaging 1-3 drops of lavender on the low back, muscles along the spine & neck. Mix with a nickel size drop of your favorite carrier oil.


Lavender goes hand in hand with diffusing. You can diffuse 5-7 drops in bedrooms at night. A diffuser necklace with 2 drops lavender & 1 drop lemon or lime is yummy. 


For hair support, place 2 drops on your hand & run through wet hair daily. 


For odor free potty time-  place 1 drop of lavender in the toilet before your business ;)


DIY All-Purpose Spray

4 oz amber glass spray bottle

30 drops Lavender

Distilled water

Place lavender drops in the bottle & fill ¾ full with water. Lid & shake well. Shake before each use. Spray mattresses, pillows, pet beds, furniture, car upholstery, stuffed animals, etc.

DIY Bath Bomb

2 Tbsp baking soda

2 tsp citric acid (available online & at most grocery, bulk & health food stores)

5 drops lavender

Mix all the ingredients & spray or sprinkle a little with water until mixture can form into a ball.

Roll into small balls & let sit on parchment paper to dry for 1-2 days. Store in lidded glass jar- a mason jar is perfect. Add 1 ball per bath.

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