Citrus Fresh

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Citrus Fresh is one of those blends that smell fantastic! 

This is a great one to diffuse & clean the air with. I like to add in no less than 7 drops & I often go up to 20 drops depending on the room size.

Citrus Fresh is perfect for a diffuser necklace or bracelet. It supports healthy emotions & is a nice way to breathe in a refreshing aroma.

Create your own body roller ball by taking a glass roller ball bottle, adding 15-20 drops of Citrus Fresh & fill the remaining bottle with your favorite carrier oil. Unrefined organic apricot kernel oil would be a nice choice for this. It absorbs very quickly so there's no greasy carrier oil residue left behind. You can roll it behind your ears, on your wrists & neck.

Don't forget all these citrus oils are an easy way to support a healthy immune system. Make it a daily habit of starting your day by massaging 2 drops on the bottom of each foot.

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