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Get Peppermint here 

Peppermint aids in healthy digestion, is invigorating & uplifts when you’re feeling all tired out. 

Over eating & other issues can get the belly bloat going strong. Rub 2 drops on abdomen immediately. To support healthy digestion, place a drop or 2 on the same location before bed. Wipe the extra on your low back before it absorbs in your hands. Boy, it feels great on the back! 


Deter insects & rodents from coming in your house by placing a cotton ball with peppermint in all the entry ways. You can also use cedar chips or baking soda. For every ¼ cup add 2-3 drops of peppermint. Sprinkle around all the possible entry locations.


During winter months, keep sinuses open by diffusing 5-7 drops Peppermint. You can also try a diffuser recipe of: 4 drops Peppermint, 4 drops Clove & 4 drops Eucalyptus globulus.


Peppermint vitality can be used in your favorite chocolate recipes or any appropriate recipe. All you need is 1 drop!   













DIY Stress & Muscle Soother 

Grab a glass roller ball bottle, drop in 10 drops of Peppermint & fill the remaining with organic apricot kernel oil.

After you screw the roller-top then gently shake it side to side. Now, roll on the back of the neck & shoulders. For an extra treat, place a cool or warm wet washcloth on the area & relax!

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