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Get Melrose here 


I use Melrose to naturally and safely cleanse the air inside my home by putting 5 drops Melrose and 4 drops Orange inside my diffuser.

(Orange isn't a must, but i really like the sweetness it adds. If you don't want to use Orange then feel free to increase the amount of Melrose)

Melrose is a really great oil blend, I like to use it for cleansing my skin. I add it to my skin DIY's, especially ointments and salves.

I've even used Melrose in place of deodorant. I rub 2 drops all over each armpit and follow with two drops of Grapefruit. Super easy! 


Other ways I use Melrose is for immune support; I rub 2-3 drops of Melrose on the bottom of my feet or have someone rub it on my back.






















DIY All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

4 oz amber glass spray bottle

30 drops Melrose

1 Tbsp white vinegar

Add the Melrose & vinegar to the glass bottle & fill the rest with distilled water. Shake well before each use. All you have to do is spray your desired surface & wipe. That's it!!!! 

DIY Skin Support

Amber glass rollerball bottle

Organic jojoba 

10-15 drops Melrose

Drop your Melrose in first & then fill the remaining bottle with organic jojoba. Add your rollerball top & shake to mix. Roll onto skin as needed. 

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