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Fluorine vs. Fluoride

I’d like to keep this post sweet and to the point but not lacking substance so I think a good topic to discuss today is fluorine and how it relates to fluoride. Most of us should recognize the name “fluoride” but may not understand the potential of danger in using products that contain it.

The mineral fluorine is very rare and found naturally in small quantities in almonds, beet greens, carrots, dandelion, spinach, turnip greens, and black tea. In trace amounts, studies show that fluorine may help promote healthy teeth and bone formation. However, numerous health professionals recommend that children, even infants, be given fluoride, a synthetic form of natural fluorine. We all know the potential danger there is when we hear the word ‘synthetic’ so let’s see what others say about fluoride.

Dr. Robert Carton, a retired scientist who worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stated, “Fluoride is somewhat less toxic than arsenic and more toxic than lead and you wouldn’t want either in your mouth.” So someone who’s seen the effects of fluoride and other toxins over a span of decades is recommending you DON’T use fluoride or even put it in your mouth, yet many of us are fine with it being in our toothpaste and filtered water. Does that sound right?

As early as 1961, 54 years ago, the Congressional Records show that fluoride had been exposed as a lethal toxin even though many cities municipal water supplies contained it and even continued to add it years later, most still poisoning the water with it today. Studies done by the Journal of Dental Research show the tooth decay in Western Europe, an area 98% unfluoridated, have declined at a nearly identical rate as they have in the United States. So if there’s virtually no difference, is the risk really worth the reward? While the U.S. encourages fluoridation, most European countries like Germany, Sweden, France, and Holland, have downright prohibited fluoride. It’s a scary reality when fluoridation is the standard rather than the exception.

Doctors across the world have proven time and time again that fluoride is not even safe to have in your mouth, let alone swallowing fluoride-laced water. Biochemists, clinical nutrition counselors, and professors all agree that fluoride is easily traceable and linked to various ailments and disorders. We encourage you to do your own research, it’s not hard to do with so many resources blatantly telling people not to use products that contain fluoride. Unfortunately it’s easier for people to grab a bottle of OTC toothpaste instead of understand what they’re putting in their mouth so I urge you, don’t make the same mistake.


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