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What Happens When You Hand Your Child Your Cellphone?

It’s 2:49 on a Tuesday afternoon. You’re struggling to get your grocery shopping done as you drag a toddler behind you that’s less than enthusiastic about the whole experience. You’re just trying to remember how many organic avocados you need for that recipe you saw on Pinterest but the only thing you can focus on is your child’s moans and groans as they flop on the floor. You want this trip to be over as soon as possible so you hand your child your cellphone and enjoy the resulting few seconds of peace as they play a game or chew on the phone or do whatever it is they do that keeps them quiet. So what really happens during those few seconds?

Children today are exposed to more radio-frequency radiation than any generation that has ever existed in human history. About twenty million children under the age of fourteen have cellphones in the US alone. Scientists in tech-savvy nations like Israel and Finland are growing increasingly concerned with the way that these devices affect the brain, especially the developing minds of children. A cellphone is a two-way microwave radio that sends out different and destabilizing pulses, unlike a microwave oven that operates on a steady, unchanging frequency. The radiation that comes off of a cellphone is erratic, disrupting DNA that is in its way and weakening barriers between the skull and brain. Once those barriers are compromised, radical and erratic waves can directly damage the brain.

We know this to be certain for adults, so how much more does that happen to a child whose bone marrow absorbs 10 times more radiation than an adult? Apps on your phone do much more than amuse and distract babies, it causes radiation exposure at a younger age resulting in physical problems as well as creating emotional problems later in life. Studies have proven the links between an excess amount of time in front of a screen as an infant and the social ineptness of a child later in life. It replaces human interaction as well as makes learning boring, as the child continuously needs flashing lights and sounds to be able to learn as effectively.

Every major study ever conducted on the subject concludes that those who use cellphones regularly for half an hour a day or more for a decade have a doubled risk of brain cancer. Those that began using cellphones as teenagers have four to five times more disease in less than 10 years. Exposure to radiation at an earlier age can also play a role in behavioral problems and attention deficits like autism, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and a variety of issues in the nervous system.

By all means, please don’t allow your child to regularly use your cellphone. I’ve disclosed to you just some of the harms that can result from this. A good alternative could be to get a pretend cellphone that runs off of a battery that will light up and make noise if you really need them distracted. Or provide them with a pop-up book or even a healthy snack to keep them busy.


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