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This stuff amazes me!

I’m a huge Thieves fan! I fell head over heals for Thieves essential oil blend first. Fast forward to today....I love every single Thieves product we have. It’s safe & effective which is a major win for me.

The Thieves concentrated cleaner is outrageously amazing!!!! I keep finding more & more uses for it. I can’t believe how versatile it is. I’ve recently discovered how phenomenal it is on skin!

I’m thrilled that this cleaner packs a punch & is gentle all at the same time. I cleaned houses for years & I’ve used a lot of different brands. I discovered many “natural” cleaners on the market are either ineffective or still full of way too many harmful ingredients.

It’s important to me to have a clean house without any toxic residue left behind. My floor is occupied by a dog, grand-babies and bare feet so peace of mind is a must. Whatever our skin touches goes inside of us so safety is extremely crucial. Goodness, if you think about it...we don't wear foot protection in the shower, right? Whatever we're cleaning the tub with is seeping into our pores. Can you see my concern?

I use Thieves cleaner on EVERYTHING- floors, counters, toilets, sinks, appliances, glass, toys, furniture, mattresses, fruits/veggies, outside water fountain, pillows, the interior to my vehicle- you name it & I use Thieves cleaner on it. I also spot clean with a dab of full strength cleaner---WOW!

Bucket cleaning- absolutely! Add a capful to warm water & get busy!

Spray & wipe- YES! I have glass spray bottles all set to go in my kitchen & bathroom.

Full strength- you bet! Just dab & rub!

You can add a capful to your dishwasher & washing machine, run a cycle & it’ll clean your machines!

Tough laundry load- yep....add a capful to boost!

There’s endless ways to use it & that's one of the many reasons I'm all in with this cleaner. One product means a big savings. Gone are the days of harsh fumes & dangerous products. That’s not clean & we finally have freedom from that. Cleaning green all the way for me!


I'd love to hear from you on ways that you use Thieves concentrated cleaner :) Send me a message!

If you’re interested in experiencing Thieves for the first time, you can start here! Be amazed with me!



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