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The Good Guys

Exciting times at Roots of Healing. Jordan returned from his mission trip in Zambia and started a new job. Ari is a new mama to a beautiful baby girl. Looks like I’m running solo for a bit. Hopefully they will both share about their new experiences when they are able.

Lets chat about those good bacteria we all need so much, aka ‘friendly bacteria’. These good guys make vital B & K vitamins, enzymes and they break down our food into something the body uses to create its own natural fighters. We need an army of them!

What we don’t need is an imbalance of bad bacteria over the good. Harmony is the goal. Guess who some of the imbalancer’s are??? #1 is sugar. Add in antibiotics, refined white flour, dairy, fats, coffee, alcohol, salt, soda pop, excess meat and pretty much the great Standard American Diet.

Call in more good guys! A healthy immune system is part of gaining some balance. 70-80 % of the immune system is in the digestive tract so it has to be in tip top shape. A clogged & sluggish colon means hardly no nutrition for the body due to built up debris. Keep it moving people!!!

Good colon foods are organic apples, pears, bananas, grapes and berries. For veggies try organic beets, okra, carrots, cabbage, asparagus, green leafy anything. How about barley, legumes, brown rice, garlic, flax seed, chia seed, aloe vera juice and green drinks?! Try doing as much raw as possible with the fruits & veggies.

Check into doing a colon cleanse. So much health could be regained if you were able to get that functioning properly. Digestive problems, allergies, fatigue & respiratory issues could have a fighting chance if the colon wasn’t so bogged down.

Probiotics to the rescue!!! These good guys could really get some work done. Everybody thinks yogurt when they hear probiotics. That’s not always the case. We have this stuff called stomach and bile acid. When we eat that yummy yogurt most of the good bacteria dies in that acid before its able to reach the intestines.

There are multiple strains of good gut flora so its best to use a probiotic that has a variety of bacteria. The key is to make sure they can work well together. There are some that actually fight against each other.

Probiotic supplements should have active & viable cultures that are not heated during preparation. They should be strains that are clinically prove to work together. You want strains proven to adhere and colonize in the intestines. Lastly, strains proven to boost immunity, improve nutrient absorption and relieve bowel stress. Guess what? That means research….again.

Colonies of the good guys…lots & lots of them! That’s the goal. Go get some good guys!!!

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