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Teams? Groups?

I'm been pondering a lot about the term teams & groups. I've used them myself. I've seen some negative feedback from others that got me thinking. Cuz that's what I do.... I think! ;)

I get it! I see both sides. I think the issue comes with those out there that use people. People competing for your business strictly to line their pockets can be a turn off. Add in the exaggerated claims that a product is a cure all. Phooey. It turns me off too.

Team & group doesn't have to be a negative word. I believe it's the person behind the word.

I genuinely see some out there that have been changed by a product & want others to experience that change. They were at point A & have moved positively toward point J & are still plugging along to reach Z. It's a forever process. A lifestyle transformation with victories & failures & everything in between.

Team/group means together. You & some other like minded goal striving people. A common tribe supporting each other.

For me- all of the above PLUS so much more. Life is hard. Having others to walk alongside with is what I'm hoping to be blessed with. Sharing life- the good, the bad & the ugly. Cheering one another on with encouragement. Clinging tight to the Word & offering that hope to others. Supporting as the winds of storms blow through.

I'm looking for women who love the Lord & want to share bible studies & verses with each other. Women that desire good tasting healthy eating. Swapping recipes & ideas that are winners in your home. The ones that want real farm products. Gals that get stretching & growing is what the Lord calls us to, not comfort. Ones of all ages that understand the value of mentorship. Those that share encouragement, not discouragement. A moving forward together in life with supporting & motivating words. Those who have experienced the hurts & understand that our shared experiences might help another. Women who want the least amount of chemicals in their home as possible. Ladies who are ready to learn. Those willing to share DIY's that work for them. The ones that all lead in the unique way you created them. Sharing quirky stories that can brighten up a day. A deeply rooted tribe of fellow warriors. That's what I'm praying for.

Lord Jesus, please send the women that can help sharpen me. The ones that can become a community with me. A tribe of those ready to engage alongside me. Help me to invest into others the way you invest into me. My life belongs to you. May you use my days for Your Will. In Christ name- AMEN ❤️

So there's some of my heart. "Join me" is an invitation to walk alongside me.

If you feel the Lord tugging on your heart & are ready to be part of what I described then please contact me.

Be Blessed & Bless,


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