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Social Media Part 3

Here we are, the final blog in my series on social media. I feel like I barely scratched the surface on all of the reasons I've been personally challenged to make some changes. I hope I was able to shed a little light, His light, on the topic.

In my first blog I shared some of the why for my new direction. Part two explains a few of my thoughts about voices & distractions.

My initial desire for social media was to connect with my downline. (Downline is the word used to describe the group of wholesale members that are either signed up directly under your sponsorship or someone connected to your sponsorship. I find it's easier for me to say group or Young Living family :) ) Opportunities blossomed to publicly share products that I love & ways I was finding hope to any eyes that came across my Facebook page. I never expected the pull of social media to be so strong. Minutes turned into hours and the once limited posting turned into a confusing mess.

Facebook was an easy way for me to share giveaways, promos, product information, usage ideas, encouragement, etc. with my in & out of state members. I genuinely wanted to create a landing space for them. A community. Roots of Healing LLC Facebook page was the first area & then Facebook Groups became popular so I added in one of those. It seemed like a pretty good set up for a bit.

In addition to all the social media distractions I was facing, Facebook changes started getting intense. I tried keeping up, but unless that's all you do, you're basically treading water. So there I was, splashing around in a puddle...getting wet & going no where ;)

I was already noticing a lack of eyes on the group posts. I wasn't reaching the majority of my oil group anymore. Social media has a way of pulling peoples attention in many directions. Videos, stories & Facebook lives took over. I'm sure the next big thing is on it's way.

Progress is a good thing! Things do change. With change comes decisions. I had to ask myself if the time I was putting in was the best use of each sacred day.

Many of my Young Living members aren't on Facebook. It's no longer the best option to stay in touch with my group. I still see it as a useful tool...with limits...for the ones on Facebook, but it's not the right tool to reach the masses.

Each day has about 13-14 hours or 780-840 minutes of usable time. Minutes fly by. They are precious & can never be returned. The clock moves forward, not backward. Can I honestly say that I'm purposefully & intentionally using the time He has gifted me? It breaks my heart to, I can't.

So now what?! I'm going back to the good old days. I'm returning to real life & people. I'm taking a good hard look at why & how Roots of Healing started. The time I spent on social media will be invested into people & blogging.

He has placed a unique calling on each of our lives. We have been given talents to bring Him glory. Each of us have walked specific paths to equip us in areas to help others. I pray & hope that as I seek His ways, he'll help me stand strong in my commitments.

Forever His,


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