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Social Media Part 2

Hey there! How are you?

I've come up with some pretty engaging titles for this series, haven't I?! LOL ;)

Wading through the waters of pulling back from social media isn't easy, but it's freeing.

In my first blog on this topic, I was able to briefly share with you why I'm limiting social media.

In today's blog, I'd like to touch on voices & distractions. They are two in the same at times.

I never started using Young Living with business building goals in mind. I started as a product user & I'm still a committed product user. By sharing some of my story, others started signing up for wholesale memberships under me. They wanted to use the products & get the best pricing option. (under me means they used my member number as sponsor/enroller. I introduced them & they are 'in my care'. They are part of my group)

I still never saw it as business building. I saw it as sharing hope & helping others by teaching things I was learning about wellness.

Eventually, there was no denying that a group had formed under me. It was a huge blessing. All I was doing was having classes, teaching on topics & genuinely living out-loud . I loved meeting people, educating & spreading seeds of hope.

Then, well-meaning voices started becoming louder than the One who laid my path in front of me--build this way, use that book, listen to this podcast, talk this way, share that way online, here's more books, do videos, stop writing, you have to 123 with social media posts, get your name out there by doing 456, follow xyz method, be in this social media group, listen to this social media video, get on all the social media platforms...rabbit trails galore! For me, this was a recipe for distraction disaster.

All of those recommended resources had great content. BUT, and yes there's a but...cookie cutter methods don't work with specific gifting's that the Lord gives each individual.

There are pieces of valuable information from all the things that were recommended to me. Parts that I could/can apply to what I'm called to do.

The problem never ends. All the videos, podcasts & social media education has no limit. It's endless. It's addicting. It's also a serious time killer. It's a 500 way method disguised as 'one way'. You have to know when to draw the line & learn from what you've gathered.

The even harder part---listening & learning doesn't mean doing. I can listen to mountains of fantastic online business building & wellness information, but if I'm not implementing hardly any of it then what exactly am I doing. I'm getting educated- YES, excited-YES, but I'm also allowing myself to be screen dependent. I'm not taking all those good things & investing it into actual people. It ends up being major distractions that get in the way of real life interactions.

Balance. There needs to be balance in everything.

Some people are actually able & gifted to grow businesses online. It's a beautiful thing. They are focused, proactive & able to draw in large crowds digitally. The Lord didn't create us all one way & it's super important to honestly do an internal your time better spent on social media or somewhere else? The challenge is to keep a healthy online balance regardless if you're building or learning.

I think it's important to measure the voices in your life. Look at their wisdom. Are they speaking truth or opinion? Are they Christ focused or self focused? Are they distracted themselves online? Are they always inviting you to stay online?

Business building isn't wrong. The error is when we try to do it aside from the talents God has given us. Others might not understand your gifts, but they should always encourage them.

Social media is a distraction when it becomes all consuming. Good things can become bad when they take over our life.

I'm going to end today's blog with words for that I hope are helpful for all of us....

Pick which voices breathe hope & encouragement. Place limits on social media. Never, ever example that a screen is worth more than the people in front of you.

To be continued.....

In His love,


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