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Social Media Part 1

Hi! Welcome to my first blog post in a series I'm going to be doing on social media.

This isn't what you might think. I'm not going to be offering you the latest tips & tricks for engaging people on social media. Nope...not at all. There is definitely no shortage on that topic already ;)

I'm actually going to be sharing why I'm pulling back from social media.

In no way am I saying social media is bad & should be banned. I understand that it can be a useful tool to stay in touch & provide helpful information. In this series, I'll be explaining some of the reasons I'm pulling the reins in on it.

First, let me say that I'm not exiting social media completely. What I am doing is taking back control of my days. When I step back & look in, I see myself on a hamster wheel....not a pretty sight.

Time is so very precious.

Roots of Healing has a story. In the beginning, I taught private classes to people who knew me. I was still gaining my footing from tragedy & raw grief. Eventually, I started teaching public classes at different locations. This is also when Roots of Healing went from a vision to a reality. It was a time when ashes started developing into new life & purpose.

The next step was a social media platform and website. Which turned into more social media platforms. A slow tilt starting forming.

I started listening to other voices instead of the One & only voice that should direct my steps.

The Lord called me to write, offer hope & help others by sharing how Young Living has helped me. Those have always been the main roots of why I do what I do. He never called me to social media. I never even asked Him if that was part of the plan.

Through a series of unforeseen personal trials, I shifted my efforts online. I wanted to stay connected with my Young Living group & continue to educate in a way that was doable at the time. This is also when things started getting pretty cloudy.

Social media helped me stay 'visible' to my oil group for awhile. Then changes media algorithms. My hamster wheel went in high gear. The spinning of time & plates never seemed to have an end or purpose.

Technology is not my gift & that's OK. The problem is, it has become an endless dance. The clouds are lifting & one thing is crystal's time...

it's time to take these dance shoes off.

I'm slipping on my comfy flip flops & getting back on the path of real life. The path that God has placed in front of me.

More to come.....

In Him,


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