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It's been a bit since there's been a new blog. Ya know, it that is. It happens every second of every day! Seasons of sorting, sharing & serving ;)

This blog is to all those that aren't the dynamic, attract tons, bubbly, born to be in sales person. It's for the the me's out there. The ones that have had a whole lotta life happen & sense the Lord calling into sharing with those that are wondering if anyone is noticing their struggles & desperation for some hope again. I know that's a crazy long sentence but it's the only way I could figure out how to say it.

I've been thinking a lot about sharing health & wellness. It can literally be some of the greatest experiences & also some of the loneliest. No matter what we do, frustrations are a part of every single thing. Let's not forget that each us cause frustrations just as much as we get frustrated. The important thing is to focus on our WHY. Why we share health & wellness. There are no guarantees. No one can change another person or make anyone embrace our views. All we can do is share.

Hours turn into weeks that turn into months that end up in years. I'm not sure why it's slow for some & others take off like lightening. What I do know is that relational is what I'm called to...not a plow through racking up numbers style. Ugh..that is just not me. Offering wellness tools to transform lives...that's what I'm called to. There is no one thing fixes all. Nope. There are many, many components to a healthy lifestyle.

Making a difference in the lives of others doesn't happen overnight. Our healthy decisions didn't either. It's a life long process of choices. A daily commitment...a lifestyle.

Let me speak to the lonely aspect just for a minute. Yes, sharing wellness ideas can be incredibly lonely. There seems to be days that I feel like I'm on an island all by myself. Here's the thing with story & experiences are mine. No one else can 100% relate except Christ. No one else will fully understand my why. That can either be a stumbling block for me or I can learn to appropriately incorporate it. Assuming my approach & why belong to others will stunt my ability to speak into anyone's life. My why is the foundation to my sharing but it's not my purpose. Does that make sense? One more thing...if I look to sharing wellness to ease the loneliness that occasionally creeps up then I have forgotten that Jesus is the only way & one that fills that place in my life.

When the days of discouragement come, remember to run toward Jesus....not away from him.

You can effectively share health & wellness. Meet people where they are & be real with them. Surround yourself with at least 1 person who can speak truth into your life & hold you accountable. You'll need a like minded person to encourage you. If you don't have one then pray one up. It might not happen in your timing. I've learned that waiting on the Lord has the best outcomes. Forcing things is usually fruitless.

Take heart, dear one. Don't give up! Share what you have!



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