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Seasonings and Sweeteners, What's the Big Deal?


Seasonings can take healthy food & turn it into unhealthy food! I use organic ones & I stay clear of the "white" processed kind. Fresh organic herbs are a nice choice if you can get them. Better yet, start an herb garden in your own home! Don't rule out the powerful flavorings that fresh garlic, onions & leeks can give.

Some of my favorite to use are Herbamare, Himalayan Pink Salt, RealSalt Sea Salt, Simply Organic & Frontier organic brand seasonings. I like organic garlic granules instead of salt/powder. The flavor is so much better. I buy a lot of mine in bulk from I buy an organic one from the store so I have a smaller glass container & then I refill it with the organic bulk spices. 

Watch out for MSG. Did you know yeast extract is MSG in disguise? Research to find the list of all the many names of MSG & what it's in. Stacey Kimbrell, author of Living Balanced, has a great links page. Scroll toward the bottom of that page & there is a section on MSG.

Keep your healthy food healthy & be careful what you season with!


I am by no means a certified nutritionists or an expert of any kind. What I am is a homemaker that tries to provide the healthiest option possible in practical ways. There are some ingredients in recipes that I have no idea what they are or where to even get them. There's other ones that I have tried & no thank you...I'll stick with my raw honey.

Natural Sweeteners! I'm pretty predictable in this area. I only use a few kinds. I know there are others on the market but I'll only touch on what I use regularly. I do not buy bleached white sugar.

I look for raw, unrefined, organic sweeteners. My all time favorite is local, raw honey. I make sure I know the beekeeper didn't give any unnecessary extras to the busy bees. I use this for my homemade lavender lemonade, teas, spoonful's & on grains. Don't one under 2 years old can have raw honey.

Raw Maple Syrup! Again, know your source & if they spray chemicals on their trees or grass around the trees. I avoid commercially sold maple syrup. I use maple syrup the same as honey.

I like organic Coconut Palm Sugar & Organic Cane Sugar for my baking. I make sure I buy Non GMO & certified organic. 

I do like organic blackstrap molasses but I don't use it very often unless I want the molasses flavor.

That's it for me. I've tried others but these are my trusted ones. The honey, coconut & cane sugar are good for DIY personal care product recipes too!

I do not use or recommend synthetic artificial sweeteners at all. Please do your research & learn about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. It's an awful, sad, eye opening & shocking thing. There are so many dangers & side effects linked to them.

I say use the real deal in moderation, unbleached & organic of course ;)

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