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Social media is FULL of inspirational get healthy posts right now. It's everywhere!

I'm sitting back & relaxing with a cup of *Thieves hot tea, so I thought I'd do a quick blog to touch base with everyone :)

New year--new you, right?! Right! We should always be moving forward, even if it's tiny steps. Overwhelming goals overwhelm ;) How about we chat for a minute about commitments we may have made & abandoned or never started.

One thing about time is that it's priceless. We only get today. Yesterday is over & tomorrow is out of our control. We have right now...this

The dusty box that's full of old goals, dreams & ideas might need to be revisited. Lay out all those plans & make some piles: the Start Now pile, the Valuable With a Kickoff Date Set pile, & the Breathe Fresh Life On pile.

It's time to refuel.

Those piles need our attention. They are full of goals & ideas that were specifically laid on each of our hearts.

It's easy to come up with reasons why something isn't working or why we need to switch gears. Often times it's us allowing ourselves to get derailed from something we were led to start. Change & commitments can be hard but there's so much value in seeing things through.

I was reading a book by Elizabeth George and she shared how most people are professional procrastinators (ugh...yep, I sure am). She goes on to say that due to time, effort or unpleasantness we choose to put things off, avoid making decisions & don't follow through with tasks. This leaves vital things left undone. Another day passes...a day to never get back. She finishes with encouraging us to tell ourselves to do it & do it now. Just get in there & do it- do anything on it, do it badly, do it slowly- just do it.

Here's three tips to get the refuel process going--

1) Be purposeful with your words & actions

2) Remember why you made those goals

3) Pray & pray often

It's never too late to start back up. Our world spins around in a crazy fast cycle. Busyness can steal effectiveness. Guard your goals and time. You can do this!

Lets march forward-- step by step...together :)



*Thieves Hot Tea Recipe-

1 mug full of hot water

2 drops Thieves vitality

3 drops Lemon vitality

dollop of raw honey or maple syrup if you'd like. You can adjust the vitality oil amounts to your own preference as well ;)

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