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How many times have you reached for something to help support your body after the fact? Things are going good, you're keeping up with life & schedules, then BAM...the next thing you know, sickness strikes. Can I get a raise of hands?!

Reaching for Vitamin C, oils, healthier foods & drinking more water all starts. I'm thinking we may have something backwards here. It's time to re-train our brains.

It's easy to have the impression that everything is A-OK inside but we can't really see in there, can we?! Our health roots are feeding off of something. The foundation we lay comes from the majority of what our diet & lifestyle is. That will play a big factor on what our roots are absorbing. It's either going to be building blocks that promote wellness or burdens that usher in sickness.

Thinking of essential oils as an afterthought won't be as beneficial as treating them like a preventative.

I reach for my oils every day with the mindset of them being the brick & mortar. Preventative tools for me & my family. Kinda like maintenance ;) Everyone in my house has a daily routine with oils. We're all working on supporting & building up different areas for our specific needs.

Sure, we get sick. When that happens, I increase our oil usage & other wellness tools. It's never when I start using my oils. Does that make sense?

Developing a strong immune system takes commitment & time. It's something that we're gonna need to support each & every day for the rest of our lives. The environmental reasons alone are endless. An immune supporting DIY roller bottle or balm is an easy way to grab, apply & go!

All you need to do is take an empty roller bottle (get here), add in the desired amount/variety of immune supporting oils & fill the rest with any carrier oil. Young Living's V-6 is a great option. A good rule of thumb is 30 drops total of essential oils (get here) & the rest carrier. Make sure to leave enough space in the bottle to press the roller-ball top back on.

Some people love the ease of roller bottles. Here are a few of my recipes! How fun would a DIY preventative day be?! Creating new wellness treasures sounds pretty good to me.

I think coming up with a preventative routine is a great idea for every household! I would absolutely be including a citrus oil or two. They're super cost effective & support so many things. Citrus drops flow freely in our house :)

I'd love to hear what your daily oil wellness routine is or will be!

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