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One of my devotions today really spoke some truth to me.

I can’t tell you know many times I’ve had the Lord lay something on my heart & I start out passionately moving forward completely trusting Him. Then, I veer more & more in my own plans, claim I’m following his lead, when the truth is, I got so caught up in my ideas that I let go of Him awhile back. Frustration sets in & I fool myself into believing it must have never been His plan from the start or it would have worked. Do you see the error? I brought God along in my plan but never stayed fully obedient to His. (Wrong in so many ways)

When answers don’t come right away, detours happen, no direction is in sight or road blocks hit then the go to is, “it wasn’t God’s plan.” Reality is, His plan isn’t to follow my plans & ideas. Listening isn’t telling.

I won’t find God in my worries, fears, self focused attitudes, ways or plans. I’ll find Him in my full surrender of me.

I think we (I say we because I’ve seen so many people do this too) fool ourselves into getting permission to quit. It’s easier. We don’t have to be stretched or do things we’re not comfortable with. Truth’s pride. We’ve have to admit we were wrong & our plans were faulty. Worse, that we left God behind but believed we didn’t.

Easy doesn’t mean better. Any change we need to make is hard work. Discouragement steals hope. Overcome those negative thoughts!

Whether you’re trying to get healthier, kick an addiction, eat better, build a business, share with others, create friendships, serve others or something unspoken you know the Lord has opened the door for but you’re not moving forward then let’s re-group for a second.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy all the time. Overcoming is hard. He doesn’t ask us to do it alone, he asks us to DO IT.

There will be flat tires, road blocks, pot holes, cracked windshields & even transmission issues. That doesn’t mean we get to pull off the road & stop going forward. Temporary adjustments might be needed but we don’t turn our keys in permanently.

Whatever’s happening, choose to overcome! Joyfully in Him!

Let’s join hands & pray for each other,


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