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My Scoliosis Journey

I have scoliosis.

I have three curves in my spine. The top two are fairly small & the bottom one is my largest. I was diagnosed during a sports physical at the start of middle school. I never thought much about it after that.

With each pregnancy, the bottom curve got worse which meant no longer being able to keep it on the back burner as an afterthought. I accepted the constant pain as part of scoliosis. My "normal" was crooked shoulders, not laying on my back & avoiding having my back touched.

My spine constantly reminded me of my unseen situation during my last pregnancy. That's when chiropractic adjustments became a regular routine & gave me the ability to march forward as before, aka my "normal" way. I lived like this for many years.

A few months after losing Jake, my friend Robin contacted me about coming over and treating me to a Raindrop. I had no idea what it was but as soon as she mentioned essential oils, I quickly agreed. She said oils so I said yes. Young Living became part of my life during a very hard season of tragedy & grief.

I was still in a fragile, shell-shocked state when Robin did that first Raindrop on me. I wasn't completely relaxed mainly because of the unknown of what each next step held. What I did notice was my mind being able to calm for a minute. All the chaotic whirling of thoughts stopped. I rested for the first time in months. I still had no idea what this whole Raindrop thing was but I knew I wanted another one & she agreed to come back soon. You see, she was ministering to me the way she knew how. The oils & her hands were bringing me comfort that words couldn't.

She came back and I had the same experience emotionally as before & even better physically. I noticed I had some relief in my back! I knew after that treatment, if this is what a Raindrop does then I want to learn how to give them. Hope sprouted that day & I wanted to share that hope with others.

We started a 7-10 day regimen of treatments. In the beginning, she had to prop my knees with towels or pillows in order for me to lay directly on my back. I carried what she called "a loaf of bread" on the left side of my bottom curve. It was solid inflammation that prevented me from being able to sit fully back against a chair.

(This is the most recent X-ray I have of my spine)

I had two things actively going on at once....emotional & physical support.

I would drive home from those Raindrop treatments with a warmth radiating up & down my spine. Something was happening & I didn't even care what it was. I just soaked in each gift & savored the thoughts of hope. The Lord was bringing life to death.

I don't remember when the propping of my knees stopped but I do remember the first time she ran her fingers across my spine with pressure. She could visually see the changes in my back each time she worked on it. I think she was starting to claim a little ownership over my spine- lol! Robin ran her fingers between each vertebra which would have sent me to the ceiling in pain months before. I'm not sure who was more excited at that moment!

Some changes had been immediate & noticeable, while others were more gradual. I couldn't see what she saw but I could feel a difference. I have no recollection of the time frame but I do know this....I could comfortably lay on my back. I could have my back touched without cringing. I could sit against a chair. I still can.

Time has kept moving forward. I no longer get treatments every 7-10 days. I last so much longer now. Robin will sometimes contact me with a reminder that I'm overdo. I do start to feel pressure build up in my spine if I wait too long but it's nothing like the existence I had before. I use all the Raindrop oils on my feet if I need a boost or have someone in my house toss a few drops of each oil on my back.

Yes, I still have scoliosis, but the quality of my life with it is so much better.

Raindrop treatments aren't just for one purpose. Oils can be adjusted to help certain areas. Talk about a relaxing way to support the immune system. I can't imagine a better way to love on emotional & physical needs. I'm all in for anything that eases naturally!

Make today the day that you look into these Raindrop oils! Join me in the wellness journey.

Be blessed & go bless,


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