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Luxurious Lotion Bars

I'm a lotion bar fan :) I recently made a batch & thought I'd share in case you'd like to make some too!

Does your skin get drier in certain seasons? It sure does for me. Winter time wrecks havoc on my hands. 1- I live in Michigan so the weather doesn't help 2- My furnace is running 3- Did I mention the cold air outside? 4- My hands are in water a lot.

I discovered lotion bars a few years back & I love them. At first, I didn't know how I felt about a bar & avoided trying them. I kept thinking, 'what am I gonna do with a solid lotion bar'. I finally jumped in & I'm so glad I did. I LOVE THEM! The warmth of the skin makes them melt when's pretty cool. Plus, they are super easy to share with others.

Making my own products means I get to control the ingredients & I like that. There's a measure of reassurance knowing everything I use is safe. If I drop a blob- it won't hurt the dog. I can use it on my grand-kids, family, friends & myself with no fear.

On to the lotion bars!


1/3 cup Organic Beeswax Pellets (find here) I use pellets because they're easier to measure.

1/3 cup Unrefined, Organic Coconut Oil (find here)

1/3 cup- half Raw Mango Butter & half Raw Shea Butter (find here & here)

½ tsp Organic Argan Oil (find here)

55-60 drops Essential Oil of your choice (I use these)

Melt solids in a glass jar (placed in a pot of bowling water/double boiler method), remove from heat, add in essential oils and stir with metal utensil. Pour quickly into your molds. You can use silicon molds, loaf pans- cut into squares when hardened, or mini muffin tins.

Add all your solids- beeswax, coconut, mango & shea to a glass jar with a pouring spout. A measuring cup will work just fine.

Grab a pot or double boiler pan & fill 1/2 - 2/3 full with water. Place the cup of solids in the water & turn on medium heat. As they melt, add in the argan oil.

I don't normally stir unless one of the solids is dissolving slower than the rest.

After everything is melted, I remove the pan from the heat and lift the glass jar out with a dry towel. I'm able to touch the hot glass without getting burned and I can dry off the excess water on the outside. This way no water will accidentally drip into my lotion pan when I pour.

Quickly add in the essential oils & stir with a metal utensil. I use a butter knife. Pour the mixture into your pan or silicon mold.

Beeswax sets very fast so that's why you need to move quick. Heat can destroy the essential oil properties so don't add them until the very end before pouring.

I rub my fingers on the inside of the glass measuring cup to grab any excess lotion & use it on my legs & hands as I'm standing there. Like I said, beeswax sets very fast! I can't be wasting any of that good lotion ;)

I let them cool & then cut into squares or press out of the mold. You can store them in a glass canning jar or individually wrap them in bpa free plastic wrap or unbleached parchment paper tied with a piece of twine.

You can use any combination of oils that you like. I usually use two, but it's completely personal preference.

Some essential oil ideas are—

30 drops Orange

25 drops Stress Away

Add 1 tsp organic vanilla bean powder for an extra softening aroma

30 drops Lavender

15 drops Gentle Baby

15 drops Palmarosa

30 drops Joy

25 drops of Grapefruit

40 drops Peace & Calming

15 drops Lavender

30 drops Valor

25 drops Tangerine

You really can't go wrong. Pick your favorite aroma(s) & you'll love using your bars!

Before we say goodbye, let's briefly chat about beeswax- a lot of people don't like to use beeswax because it hardens so quick & can be messy to clean up. I use the same glass measuring cup every time I work with it. Hot water will soften any residual left over in the cup. I quickly spray the inside with Thieves cleaner, wipe with a paper-towel & it's all set until next time :)

The benefits of beeswax are just too good to leave it out!

Some benefits include...

- safely coats the skin with a breathable layer

- moisturizes

- protects skin

- anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-viral

So, the next time you make a DIY recipe don't forget the beeswax ;)

Thanks for making DIY lotion bars with me. Grab a bar, rub all over your hands & enjoy!



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