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I'm sitting in Panera surrounded by others, noises, smells & people plugged into their laptops. Each person here is creating a legacy of some kind.

What will my legacy be? Yours?

Usually, we've already gone to our eternal home before our legacy is seen. I pray that Jesus is Lord of your life & your eternal home will be with Him ❤️

Our lives should example what's truly important. It's not this world, entertainment, stuff, wants or anything that distracts us from Christ.

The only thing I ever want to be chained to is Jesus!

You might not realize it but the little things matter. I've been alive long enough to realize that each of us are an example to someone.

What exactly are these little things?

- Applying Gods Word vs reading/hearing it

- How we spend our time

- What we eat

- What we cook

- What we do with information we learn

- What we spend money on

- Spending more than we make

- Prayer time

- Being truthful

- Being a gatekeeper of our home

- How we handle emotions

- How we show fear/trust

- How we clean & what we clean with

- TV habits & sleep habits

- Who we let speak into our lives

- Wellness or sickness

- If we are say'ers or do'ers

You & I both know the list is endless. It starts with little eyes & ears watching us. We help build their foundation. That's a HUGE responsibility & yes, mistakes will be made. The thing is, none of us have to continue making the same mistakes. Before you know it, time steals away those little years. Our kids watch every area & stage of life. What do they see?

Even if you don't have children, you're still an example.

We can't create a perfect atmosphere but we sure can provide a safer one. There's hope no matter what stage we're in.

How many people sitting around me realize the importance of their example? What will their legacy be?

Excuses can play a part in a legacy. You see, if we have excuses for everything all that does is attempt to cover up continued bad choices. I know that's kinda harsh but sometimes I need a little shaking truth to get my attention.

We can always shift & change. There's nothing that says we must keep going in the direction that we are.

Lets leave a legacy of hope. Aiming to be the best example & helper we can. Our people need it 💗

In Christ,


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