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There are many hot button topics and one of the biggies is vaccines. I mean HOT! There is tons of “evidence & support” for both sides, right?! Hmm… First, I always look at who is backing who. That is always a tell tale sign.

Super bugs. Super weeds. They both clearly exist. Bacteria & viruses morph into a new strain, slightly altered to make its way around whatever is trying to stop it. Weeds become resistant as well to the same thing that is used on it over & over again. Seems to me if you go at something with the same substance then it will & does find a new path.

God created materials in nature that are never quite the same. Rain, climate & all environmental issues means that it will never be exactly the same so there’s not a resistance that can build up. I see it as using what the Creator created being a great choice.

Speaking of building up. That’s the best place to start in my opinion. Build the body up. Strengthen & support the immune system daily, forever. Its plain as day that a majority of bodies are so bombarded with fake synthetics & things that were never meant to be put in us for healthy living that these bodies are failing. Any one person can give you a “list” of health issues they have. Why? When did it become ok & the norm to pump neurotoxins into people? When did scare tactics start being accepted & not questioned?

Do you know how long immunizations of any kind are studied before put on the market? Do you ask to read the insert that comes with the shot so you can read the side effects? (You should be reading the insert on all meds you allow into your body)

Clearly everyone needs to educate themselves on both sides & then make a decision. Not opinions, but facts. There are many real people, parents, who have been affected & share openly online if you look for them. Just know that no matter what you decide, there are no re-do’s. You can’t turn back the clock.

Here are 3 steps to make part of your life no matter which side you are on:

Practice Proper Sanitation: wash your hands often & steer clear of products that have triclosan in them .

Support & Build your Immune System DAILY: this includes food choices, supplements, sleep & avoiding toxic ingredients in all products. (There is tons of good immune system building info online)

Watch your Environment: Grocery stores….any stores really, especially those with a cart, pharmacies, hands on displays, nursing homes, church nurseries, daycares, play centers, etc. Basically anywhere out in public. Be extra careful & only go to dr. offices & hospitals when absolutely necessary. They are breeding grounds for infections. Do extra immune support before heading out.

Like I said, there are lots of resources. Here are just a few that I have found helpful: (go to their reference center),,,,,

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