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Healthy Eating 101

Healthy eating is a foundational building block. The body can only give what its given. I see great benefit in feeding & nourishing the body. What goes in is a good sign of what will come out. Our body can recognize real foods & knows exactly what to do with them. God created our bodies to be able to break down real. Processed & synthetic ingredients can be a great burden on our bodies.

I know there are many different diets out there. I'm not a diet fan. I'm a healthier choices fan. There are bits & pieces of many of the ideas out there that I do agree with & see as beneficial for building up the body.

I've been on the side of healthy foods & healthy eating for years. I have tried many different approaches & I always come back to whole food. Real things that God created. Lean meats, healthy fats, raw nuts & seeds, soaked & sprouted grains, fermented foods, organic fruits & vegetables, raw honey, maple syrup....You know, real organic butter, free range eggs & the like!!!! Everything real in moderation.

I'm the unbleached, avoid processed, non-GMO, no artificial sweeteners, organic kinda person! Sure, there are occasional "treats" when out & about or on vacation. I'm not exactly sure why they are thought of as treats when it takes a couple days to recover from it!

It's getting harder & harder to find quality meat as well. Small farmers that you know & trust are the best way to purchase meat.


Most soil is so depleted now & full of toxin chemicals that it's a must for me to buy as much organic as possible. It's crucial to incorporate quality nutritional supplements daily due to the poor soil health.

Flavorings, colorings & preservatives need to be approached with caution. Do your research & become a label reader. This includes your supplements. Read the ingredients listed on your labels, look those words up & go from there. I know change can be hard.

Change out one product at a time & start building up your body!

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