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Frankincense Shuffle

Enough serious stuff for awhile. I'm getting real & sharing the behind the scenes happenings in our home. I'm starting to think I'm here strictly for my family's entertainment! ;)

I don't make roller bottles often for myself because:

1) I'm a fan of dropping oils in my hand or on location.

2) I make more DIY jar recipes.

3) Those crazy roller tops...

I decided to make one to target some key skin areas & I wanted to use jojoba so I thought...hey, grab a rollerball bottle. I had 8 different oils I wanted to add. The recipe (I created from my head) was heavy on Frankincense & some other top dollar oils & light on the jojoba.

- All my essential oils inside: CHECK

- Add my organic jojoba: CHECK

- Push my rollerball onto the bottle: OOPS

The darn thing goes flying across the floor (note to self....this is why I make jar recipes) & leaves a huge pile of precious DIY mixture all.over.the.floor. Side note - I have a daughter in the next room who can see me & a husband in the same room with me.

I quickly rip my socks off & roll up my pant legs. Seriously.....who wouldn't?! (Apparently my family) So I'm grabbing at the oils & rubbing it all over my legs (Yes, I'm hearing laughing & some comments but hey, I'm on a mission). Ok, there may have been a few pieces of dog hair as well but that's besides the point. We're talking Frankincense here. I move onto walking into the oil spill and trying to get the rest of it on the bottom of my feet.

Stop for a second & picture this sight. Ok, let's continue on.

I look up (due to all the now loud laughing & comments) & my daughter is about falling out of her chair. My husband's face is completely red & he's busting a gut. This turns into me laughing (seriously not as loud as them) & my dear husband decides to take his socks off & slide across my oil mess thus naming it the Frankincense Shuffle.

I don't even remember all the comments I heard but I do remember hearing my daughter say, " she didn't even hesitate " & my hubby saying, " I could see her out of the corner of my eye & I was thinking 'No, she's not'." Hellllo, I am in the room as you two talk about me! Neither of them could barely choke out what they were saying through the laughs.

Anyways, it's over. Memory made. Of course I didn't hesitate. Goodness, I'm not wasting all that good stuff.

Keeping it real people.....just keeping it real!

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