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Farm Raised

Oils from a real farm? Is that even a thing? ABSOLUTELY!

Welcome to take 2. My first draft disappeared at the hit of a happens. So, let's try this again. No crying over lost words ;) Dousing with some drops of Clarity & moving on....

I normally don't enter the arena of comparing essential oil companies, but I think I need to for a minute. I'd like to share some things I've learned along the way. Safety is super important & I want you safe :)

We know what we know, right? That's our starting point & it makes sense for it to be. I hope to be able to expand your knowledge on farm-raised oils vs factory-raised.

All oils are not the same.

Pure, natural, organic, therapeutic are all free words available for anyone to use. There are no restrictions in place & that can make things tricky.

After all, a toxin is a pure toxin and a carcinogen is a natural carcinogen. See how things get grey real quick?

Trends usher in risks. Major retail stores & online sites are full of 'essential oils' & that's very sad. Most of them are fragrances or tiny bits of essential oils mixed with fillers. There are no restrictions which puts consumers in harms way.

With convenience comes cost...cost of health and cost of quality. Walking into a store & grabbing 'oils' seems helpful, but it's not. It's actually harmful in so many ways.

I understand the appeal to pay less. I wish it was that easy. Wellness doesn't come at a bargain price. Real essential oils are never the same price per bottle. Real oils are bought from farms & prices vary depending on the abundance of essential oil inside the leaves, petals, roots, stems, peels, etc. Some plant species only have one harvest per year, which also adds value to the cost.

How's a person supposed to know what's real & what's not? The source! I've learned this the hard way. I hope by my sharing you'll look at a bottle of oil, think 'farm raised' and then source it back to the farm before you purchase anything.

I'm Young Living essential oils all the way. They are absolutely amazing & I trust them 100%! They have farms you can see and visit. They have distilleries & know exactly when each crop is ready for harvest.

* Farms * Seed to Seal * Mission * Ever increasing Product Line * Discover

I don't use other oils & there's a reason. It has everything to do with farming practices & distilleries. There are too many components to each of those areas & safety and knowledge are a must.

Essential oils are the 'essence' of the plant. 'Oil' is part of the word because they mix well with fatty oils, aka carriers. Essential oils are not greasy. Some are heavier & sappy, but not greasy.

Essential oils are rich mixtures of natural substances found IN a part of the plant. These substances are created by the plant to help attract pollinators, guard against sun, insects, cold and protect against viruses & bacteria.

You can't re-create any of the above in a factory. Nature is where plants grow. Fields, outside environment. Every single plant is different. They have specific soil & growing condition needs. There are environmental stressors and crop failures. When an oil is limited or out of stock, it's because they're really being grown & harvested by that specific company on real farms.

Young Living's Northern Lights Farm & Distillery- Fort Nelson, BC, Canada

I've had so many fantastic experiences with my oils over the years. Always remember...farms raise plants that produce essential oils, not factories. Buy directly from the farm & have confidence in what your lungs are breathing & your skin is absorbing.

If you're ready for some of the pure, farm raised oils that I'm blessed with using daily then follow this link & get started taking in some quality farm-goods!

In His endless grace,


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