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All I can say is Orange!

Crazy fact here....when I first started using essential oils I was not a fan of orange. I liked oranges & all, but didn't really care about orange oil. I loved lemon, tangerine, lime, citrus fresh, bergamot & used them all the time but left my bottle of orange sitting.

Orange is a huge emotion supporting oil. All the citrus oils are helpful in that area. I still have no idea why I passed over my orange. Now, you can hardly pry it out of my hands. It's my top used citrus oil with lemon coming in second. When I say top, I mean numerous times daily.

Citrus oils are just plain yummy. They smell fresh & fantastic. They come from the rind, not the inside pulp/juice, so they aren't acidic. They are super abundant which means outrageously cheap.

My life is currently a bit heavy on heartache so I stay very near to my orange. The aroma in itself is sweet & uplifting. Grabbing the bottle & taking in a deep breath instantly calms me.

I use orange to clean my furniture (I use lemon as well but right now it's been orange, orange, orange). All I do is take a barely damp rag with 1 drop of orange on it & wipe down all my wood furniture.

It's in my diffuser with just about every oil imaginable. I add 2-3 drops to sweeten whatever else I'm putting in the diffuser. Right now, it's 2 drops Thieves & 3 drops orange next to my bed every night. Immune & emotion support while I'm catching some Zzz's. If I'm needing more support then I increase the amounts. Easy as orange pie! (Hmm...I'm thinkin' there's no such thing as orange pie but if there was I'd use my orange vitality oil in it ;) ) Orange & clove are nice fall & winter diffuser combo's too.

Orange is great for skin tone so it's perfect for any DIY skin recipes. Grab a glass roller bottle (find here), your favorite carrier oil (find here), and essential oils of your choice (find here).

Orange, frankincense, sacred frankincense, geranium, lavender, cedarwood, palmarosa, myrrh, sacred sandalwood, copaiba & blends valor or gentle baby are some really good skin supporting options. Look up your skin type & see which oils are best for you. After you make your roller bottle then you can apply & massage on your neck and face. I like extra nighttime oils like that so the skin can soak it in & emotions can calm too.

Putting a few drops of orange on a diffuser necklace or bracelet is a fast & easy way to enjoy the sweet, citrusy goodness.

Simplicity is as easy as massaging a drop or two onto the bottom of feet daily. Old feet, young feet, it’s all good! Any feet that belong to someone who has an immune system & emotions ;)

Orange is definitely here to stay at the DuBaere home! Love me some orange!

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