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8 Healthier Nail Polish Choices

Every gal likes to paint their nails every now & again. After all, sandals need polished toe nails...I think it's a rule of some kind ;) 

Let's make healthier choices when it comes to nail polish. Nail polish is sky rocket high in harmful chemical ingredients! The EPA has it classified as household hazardous waste. If you go & treat yourself to getting your nails done then it's pretty much a toxic treat- blah :/ Even the air quality in a nail salon is an invisible chemical cloud. 

Thank goodness for companies that care & have committed to offering safer products. Water based nail polish is the best to use. It's a much healthier option. I would definitely use 2 coats of polish with the water based type. You can find these online directly from their website & there are other online resources that sell them too. 

Water Based Healthier Nail Polish Brands

1) Acquarella  It's around $16 

2) Keeki Pure & Simple This one is about $10

Their kids line was first & its called Piggy Paint They both run about $8. 

4) Honeytree Gardens This one is around $13 

5) Scotch Naturals It runs about $15. They also have a kids line called Hopscotch

Healthy Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brand

* If you really must have a polish that isn't water based then make sure to be careful & pay attention to the ingredients. Look for it to say 5 Free or higher. What that means is it's free of the top 5 carcinogens used in regular nail polish. 

6) Zoya It's 5 Free & around $10 

7) LVX This one is 7 Free & more pricey at about $18 

8) Ella Mila This polish is 5 Free & runs about $11 

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