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Get Copaiba here 

Copaiba is an oil that is nearly odorless & tasteless. This is a great one to apply by itself or after any other oils you use. 

I apply this one by itself or partner it with a different oil.

Different ways I use Copiaba:

-Skin Support-

I massage a few drops directly on my neck & face and add Copaiba to DIY skin recipes

-Muscle Support-

I rub a few drops on my low back or any areas that are achy, I like to use Peppermint and Copaiba together!

I massage a few drops on any stiff or sore areas; I also use Cool Azul or PanAway afterward for an extra boost of support.

-General Support-

I rub a few drops directly on a sore tooth or along my jawline.

I massage a couple drops across my chest to support my respiratory system; I like to combine it with R.C. and Raven.


 -Emotional Support-

I use Copaiba in the diffuser with any citrus oil to support emotions; I do equal drops of each.


DIY Muscle Support Roll-On

Take a rollerball glass bottle & add:

15 drops Copiaba

7 drops Peppermint

7 drops Marjoram

7 drops Cypress

Fill remaining bottle with liquid carrier oil like organic jojoba, apricot kernel or V-6. Roll onto muscles as needed for support. 

DIY Gargle Mix

This mixture can be used to support a healthy mouth & throat. 

1 cup water

1 drop Peppermint

1 drop Clove

2 drops Copaiba 

Mix in a glass jar. Shake before each use. Gargle with 1 Tbsp daily. 

DIY Skin Cream 

1/2 cup unrefined organic coconut oil 

1 Tbsp organic avocado oil 

7 drops Copaiba

5 drops Myrrh

5 drops Frankincense

5 drops Palmarosa 

3 drops Lavender

Blend all ingredients together well (a hand mixer works nice) and store in a glass jar. Apply liberally to skin at night.

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