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Palmarosa is super for healthy skin, healthy emotions, healthy digestive system & healthy circulatory system support!!!! WOW-it supports a ton of things :)


Cooling Nighttime Skin Serum
1/4 cup organic Rosehip Seed Oil
2 Tbsp organic Jojoba Oil
7 drops Palmarosa
5 drops Frankincense
3 drops Lavender

Combine ingredients in a amber glass container & store in the refrigerator. Shake before each use. Apply a small amount to a clean face before bed.

Healthy Emotions Diffuser Recipe
5 drops Palmarosa
5 drops Citrus Fresh
3 drops Orange

Add essential oil drops to your diffuser & enjoy!

Healthy Circulatory System Supporting Massage Oil
1/2 cup OrthoSport Massage Oil
10 drops Palmarosa

Combine in an amber glass container & shake well to mix. Massage in an upward motion starting at your feet & continue up the legs. Massage the arms by starting at your hands & moving upward toward the shoulder.

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