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Get Lemon here 

Lemon is fresh & a superb source of d-limonene. It’s a win win in the essential oil department. It is extremely cost effective & is a huge player in health & wellness! Lemon essential oil is not acidic because it comes from the rind & not the pulp or juice.


Cleaning with Lemon is a MUST! Who knew an oil could clean so many things & the smell….oh, let me tell you about the smell ☺ 

Apply lemon directly on adhesives, gum, markers, grease & anything else that you want to remove. 


For windows, grab a bucket of hot water, add a capful of white vinegar & 2 drops of lemon. Wipe off windows, appliances & dry erase boards. With this method you’ll have to dry the surface with a clean cloth afterward. 

Place 1 drop of lemon oil on hands & rub all over to remove any bad odors. Great for onion or garlic hands ;)


Diffuse 5 drops of lemon & 5 drops of purification to clean smelly air. For a diffuser necklace do 1-2 drops of lemon or lemon/lavender mix. It smells so good. I just discovered lemon & frankincense together- so many wonderful surprises when you start mixing oils. 


The d-limonene in lemon helps support a healthy immune system so let’s take advantage of all that goodness! 

Lemon vitality can be used in your cooking recipes. Remember, a little goes along way so start with 1 drop & taste. Add more until you reach the flavor you desire. Add 1 drop to every glass of water you drink too ☺


























DIY Night Leg Massage Oil

¼ cup of your favorite carrier oil- I like to use organic apricot kernel oil

10 drops lemon

6 drops grapefruit

5 drops cypress

Mix & store in a glass container. Massage legs in an upward motion, toward heart, before bed.

DIY Immune System Booster Roller

Take a glass roller bottle & add 15 drops lemon. Fill the rest with organic apricot kernel or jojoba oil. Roll on the bottom of each foot daily.

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