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Get PanAway here 

PanAway is a premium oil blend! It's cooling on the skin & eases minor aches especially after a stressful day. I like rubbing a drop of two on my low back after sitting in a chair for a long time or even while driving.

When you're out & about this is a handy oil to have with you for any minor sore areas.

If you exercise then PanAway is your oil! Massage a couple drops into muscles pre & post work out. If you over do it & strain anything during your exercise then getting this blend on right away is very relieving!

Daily usage tip: Start & end your day with PanAway :) Rub 1 drop on your neck & feet to get yourself going & to rest for the night.

This blend is great for kids that are growing & getting those typical growing pains. Add 2-3 drops to a Tablespoon of carrier oil: organic jojoba or unrefined organic coconut would be an easy choice. Massage gently :)

I've used it lots of time on my teeth & massaging it into my gum area. Just a drop is all it takes!



























Liquid Muscle Rub

1 cup liquid carrier oil like organic jojoba or apricot kernel

7-10 drops PanAway


Mix together & store in a glass jar. Take desired amount & massage into muscles as needed.

DIY Bath Soak

1 cup baking soda (this is great for your PH level) OR Epsom salt (this is great for an achy body)

3-5 drops PanAway

Mix well & add 1/4 cup to your bath or a foot soak

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